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Binaural beats help with stress

Between classes, work, sports, homework and other time-consuming commitments, the life of a college student can become overwhelming.  Students often forget how important it is to rest and relax. Binaural beats, auditory tones played at different frequencies, may be the solution for some students’ stress and anxiety. Binaural beats can significantly help a student relax, […]

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Doctorate of Psychology offered in fall

California Baptist University is offering a doctorate in clinical psychology, attracting graduate students from all over Southern California. Dr. Jacqueline Gustafson, dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, said the fundamental goal of the new program is to prepare students for careers as clinical psychologists primarily within the state of California, emphasizing Christian […]

[Monique Koszty | Banner] Nathan Iverson, one of California Baptist University’s newest professors, is working on a graduate program for Industrial-Organization Psychology.

New professor introduces graduate program based on industrial psych

A master’s program that takes the strategics of business and the analytics of psychology to help maximize the workforce is coming to California Baptist University. Nathan Iverson, assistant professor of psychology, one of the newest members of CBU’s faculty, is currently developing the Industrial- Organizational Psychology graduate program, otherwise known as the I-O program. “Industrial-organizational […]