Luc Stringer | Banner | A CBU student takes a mental break from her work by reading and drinking tea.

Students pause from work to recharge, rest and recuperate

Stressing over classes, struggling with deadlines and dealing with sleepless nights. These are all real situations in which college-aged students find themselves. Finding time to intentionally rest and let the mind take a break from the pressure of academia has been said to be helpful for students at California Baptist University. The practice of resting […]

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Do not over-commit to college responsibilities

Everyone’s experience going into the first year of college is different. Many students experience culture shock from the newfound combination of responsibility and freedom. The two come together to elicit a myriad of responses. However, these two components are important parts of the university experience. For some students, it is easy to get carried away. […]

Phillip Ndowu | Banner | Grace Barnes, junior early childhood studies major, enjoys relaxing by reading a book on the Front Lawn or practicing her soccer skills. Students can follow her lead or try some other ways to balance out the stress of college life like taking a hike, hanging out with friends or doing some art.

Taking a breather benefits college students

Whether you are a freshman or have a few years of experience as a senior, college life brings a new type of challenge. From classes to meetings, extracurricular school programs, jobs or internships and more, there is always something to do. Students cope with their demanding schedules in different ways. For some, taking time out […]

Danielle Lutjens | Banner | Hannah Wolfe, 2018 CBU alumni, takes her frustration out and has some fun by smashing things to bits at Rage Ground in LA.

Los Angeles locals break items for stress relief, thrills at Rage Ground

Shattered glass, remnants of vases and a release of anger fill the air as customers walk through the construction-like site that makes up Rage Ground, where people who visit can break everything in sight. Opened in July 2017, Rage Ground’s purpose is to help people take their anger out in a destructive yet fun way. […]

College stresses trigger depression

Even in a hall surrounded by 20 other students, it can still be possible to feel lonely. Depression is common on college campuses. Angela Deulen, director of counseling psychology at California Baptist University, said life transitions, stresses from academics and interpersonal relationships, as well as poor diet and sleep habits, commonly trigger depression in college […]

When panic, anxiety become obvious, recognize signs to keep it under control

Panic attacks and anxiety disorders are becoming increasingly common, especially among students It was during class midday when it happened. Everything up until that point had been normal and routine. The professor was lecturing, and nursing students were taking notes when suddenly one junior nursing major had an anxiety attack. “Everything tuned out, but everything […]