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Being in a high risk COVID setting can cause stress for students, staff

It is no secret that the pandemic affected all of us. While it may have affected some more than others, there is no disputing the fact that everyone was affected somehow. A large portion of the population suffered from mental health issues during this time, and college students were no exception.  In an article published […]

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Students and faculty reflect on one year in a pandemic

One year ago, California Baptist University students’ spring semesters got cut short due to COVID-19. To keep families safe, students and educators around the world have had to adapt learning opportunities to a virtual or hybrid learning format. One year later, most classes are still online while some have returned to a COVID-19 safe in-person […]

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Students and staff prepare for CBU Film Festival in April

The California Baptist University Film Festival, hosted by the College of Architecture, Visual Arts, and Design (CAVAD), is an annual event that showcases the film work of CBU students. All CBU students are invited to submit short films, live-action or animated, narrative or non-narrative, of up to 12 minutes in length, including opening and closing […]

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New engineering dean aims to expand program, inspire passion in students

Dr. Phil van Haaster, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and department chair of aerospace, industrial and mechanical engineering, will become the new dean of the Gordon and Jill Bourns College of Engineering starting July 1. To prepare for the position, van Haaster currently meets with Dr. Anthony Donaldson, founding dean of the College of Engineering, […]

Courtesy of Molly Enns | Nursing students do hands-on learning by administering blood work to to a specially made dummy arm. These skills can be useful in administering the COVID-19 vaccine.

Students give COVID-19 vaccines

California Baptist University nursing students have been volunteering at local hospitals to distribute COVID-19 vaccines. According to a CBU press release, more than 70 students have volunteered at four different hospitals: Parkview Community Hospital, Riverside Medical Clinic, Corona Regional Medical Center and Redlands Community Hospital. Dr. Karen Bradley, dean of the College of Nursing, has […]

Luc Stringer | Banner | A CBU student takes a mental break from her work by reading and drinking tea.

Students pause from work to recharge, rest and recuperate

Stressing over classes, struggling with deadlines and dealing with sleepless nights. These are all real situations in which college-aged students find themselves. Finding time to intentionally rest and let the mind take a break from the pressure of academia has been said to be helpful for students at California Baptist University. The practice of resting […]

Student leadership is excited to welcome back students onto campus.

Student leadership impacts community

Students of California Baptist University arrived back on campus in late August tired, weary and divided after a five-month summer of near total defeat. The hope of all of us was to return to our campus haven with in-person classes and all the events that we could imagine, but the pandemic was relentless in its […]