Kia Harlan | Banner | 2020 alumni Jacob Adler teaches Ashley Anderson, sophomore music major, how to work the soundboard during a recent church service at The Grove.

CBU graduate finds success in sound, audio

Jacob Adler, a California Baptist University alumnus, graduated with a degree in applied theology and combines his love for sound, gathering people together and the church to professionally mix and engineer audio for local concerts and services at The Grove Church. Adler explained that he has a visual disability that causes him constant vision loss […]

Recruiting with talent or statistics?

In the world of sports and athletics, the influences of talented players and the work of sports analytics have become a game-changer for recruiters of various sports in the decision-making process of their recruitment practices. When making a team, scouts are responsible for recruiting players who they feel are a perfect for their team. They […]

Diving for a Dynasty

In California’s scorching summer heat many people turn to swimming pools for a little relief. However, it takes great talent to earn multiple All-American honors in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for an activity which is often just a pastime. Trevor Graifman is a junior at California Baptist University, where he is an All-American […]