Team strives for improvement

The women’s volleyball team at California Baptist University has faced tough competition this season because of a crossover competition consisting of schools from both the Great Northwest Athletic and PacWest conferences. Branden Higa, head coach of the women’s volleyball team, said this season has its own characteristics and challenges. “Every season is different,” Higa said. […]

Intramural volleyball returns to inspire healthy competition

Recreational sports leagues have returned to California Baptist University this semester in the form of intramural volleyball. Intramural sports play a big role in building friendships and healthy competition. The intramural volleyball leagues began playing Oct. 7 and will continue until Nov. 12. Intramural volleyball is split into two leagues: competitive and recreational. The competitive […]

Traveling can take scholastic toll on athletes

California Baptist University’s Athletic Program achieves remarkable success, however with that success, athletes face the challenge of balancing schoolwork and their sport while continuously traveling all over the country. Somehow the Lancers manage to get their work done in both departments. The Lancers are currently in the second year of the transitional period into the […]

Another year above the net

California Baptist University students may see changes in this year’s intramural volleyball league, but recreational sports maintained the same goal from previous years, which is to have fun. Intramural volleyball is consistent each year. This year, there are significant changes: the team has grown to 46, brackets and the division between competitive and recreational teams […]