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Climate change impacts California’s weather patterns

With record-breaking cold temperatures striking Southern California, many are wondering what it is that caused these conditions.  At California Baptist University, students and faculty alike have noticed this cold front, combined with the far-reaching impacts of the polar vortex in the Midwest, bringing an unusually harsh winter to the Riverside area. Although it might seem […]

Unpredictable weather forces teams to move times

Because of the unstable weather conditions in Southern California, many athletic teams at California Baptist University have moved up their times for games and practices to earlier in the morning. CBU is using a portable weather station to monitor the weather and conditions in the outdoors. Tim Clark, assistant athletic director for Sports Medicine and […]

Inclement weather caused by rising water temperatures

Southern California has been experiencing record-breaking heat waves and an increase in rainstorms in recent months due to effects caused by El Niño, an irregularly occurring series of climate changes. “El Niño is characterized by a warming of the central and eastern tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures, commonly referred to as SSTs,” said Dr. Robert […]

Vaccination examination

Fall weather is nearly here, along with colorful leaves, pumpkins, sweaters, hot beverages and the flu season. Medical experts urge getting the flu shot as early as possible in order to ward off this season’s influenza virus, said Nurse Practitioner Melissa Christiansen. Despite past concerns about the safety of the vaccine, officials assure the vaccine […]