Phillip Ndowu | Banner | Nathaniel Peister, sophomore worship arts and ministry major, and second lead guitarist, rehearses for Chapel.

Chapel Band welcomes new members

Bright stage lights flash as students are welcomed into the Events Center by the powerful voices of California Baptist University’s Chapel Band. Every Chapel the student-led band sings three songs to help guide students in worship. The number of members have grown significantly over the past semesters and the band has split into four vocal […]

The Fray’s “Scars & Stories” more of the same

Loyal fans of piano rock band The Fray may have to wait longer for a different-sounding album, as “Scars & Stories” offers nothing different from their previous works. The Fray, made up of worship leaders from Denver, has enjoyed plenty of success in a short amount of time. Since their 2005 debut, they have received four Grammy award nominations, two Teen Choice award nominations and won three […]