April 14, 2024

There was no trick or treating for newly-elected Democratic governor Jerry Brown this Halloween.

Instead he campaigned at Riverside’s Anchos Southwest Grill and Bar in an attempt to rally Democratic voters just two days before the election.

“California has always been a leader,” Brown said to the huddled crowd. “We’re a leader in renewable energy, a leader in getting different groups to work together and we’re going to be the leader in showing people how we live within our means where we protect our schools and invest in our people.”

In order for California to function, Brown said that both parties need to work together. He highlighted that this is especially true in Riverside, where the majority of the voters are Republican.

“We know we can’t make anything work unless we think also as Californians first. We got to bring everyone together and get the best out of our legislature people and we can make the jobs,” Brown said.

Results from the election are posted on the Press Enterprise’s website which shows that Riverside county voted more for Meg Whitman than for Jerry Brown. Whitman received 51.3 percent in the county and Brown received 42.4 percent. Statewide, Whitman received 41.3 and Brown received 53.6 percent.

Brown chose to visit Riverside and mobilize people already on his team. He wanted to make sure the Democrats went out to vote.

Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge opened the event. Loveridge said that California needs a governor that can put the pieces of the state back together and that person also needs to know the rules.

He then introduced the representatives, both state and national, of the inland region in attendance. John Chiang, state controller, was up for re-election and traveled with Brown to Riverside in search of support from Democrats.

Chiang amped up the supporters by telling them that Wednesday, Nov. 3, they would celebrate victories. He said that this would mean California is restored to greatness.

Joe Baca, representative for the 43th congressional district, said that the “next generation of leaders” is in California through education. Baca said that this “opportunity” should be given to everyone. He said that it can be when Democrats go to the polls and encourage others to do so.

Meg Whitman visited Temecula Monday night. According to the Press Enterprise, she visited a GOP phone bank and made some phone calls herself.