Some students take notes by hand, while others prefer to use technology such as laptops to type notes. The different forms of notetaking can yield different learning results.

Banner Busters: Attention, notetakers: Is writing more effective than typing?

As personal laptops have become a classroom staple across college campuses, the debate over whether to continue to take notes by hand or to transfer to typing has divided both students and faculty. Those who prefer typing tend to opt for speed, while those who take notes by hand insist on the value of making […]

Commuter traffic causes delays on the 91 freeway.

Commuters struggle with anxiety from heavy traffic, time balance

College is a stressful time for all students, but sometimes even more so for the commuters among us. Between juggling early morning classes and battling traffic, commuters often do not have much, or any, time to themselves to relax or even take a breath before they are forced back into the vigorous routine of college […]

Teddy Peña, senior public relations major, shares how to make confetti eggs at Easter celebrations.

Lifestyle Tries: What is it?

With spring in full swing and the Easter holiday just right around the corner, there are many activities that the new season brings. Like other holidays, the Easter holiday brings a diverse set of cultural and familial traditions. One common association with Easter is confetti eggs. The confetti egg, also commonly referred to as a […]

Rosalee Tilden, junior psychology major, works out in the Recreation Center at California Baptist University

Banner Busters: Should runners work out using treadmills?

With the growth of gym culture, running on treadmills has become a dominant way in which people do their cardiovascular exercise. Treadmills simulate a running experience, but does running on a treadmill actually give you the same workout as running outdoors? Dr. Sydney Leisz, assistant professor of kinesiology, said that running is normally a full-body […]

Some single students find themselves affected by “ring by spring” culture on college campuses.

Is ‘ring by spring’ a real phenomenon at CBU?

College is a time for a multitude of social, academic and professional endeavors. A student‘s undergrad experience looks hugely different depending on the individual and their environmental factors. One arguably popular aspect of the college social sphere is its romantic component. Over 120 million individuals are married in the U.S. alone, according to the U.S. […]

Teddy Peña, senior public relations major, shares steps on creative ways to make accent pieces.

Lifestyle Tries: Making accent pieces from mops

A new addition to your living space is always exciting because it means making your own space even more personalized. When a new addition happens to be made from scratch, it adds a touch that is unique to the individual and highlights their own creative style. There are many kinds of homemade household items that […]

In today’s society, alarm clock are still essential to many people although they have changed over time.

Alarm clocks serve as technological wake-up call

Ways to manage time have been around since the dawn of time, but they have not always looked like the sleek modern smart assistants that function as the alarm clocks of today. In “A 2,000 -year History of Alarm Clocks,” an article written by Naomi Russo, Russo explores alarm clocks over the years.  Russo explains […]