July 24, 2024

Macramé is a 70s-inspired craft making a comeback. Macramé key chains are a simple accessory to clip onto your bag, keys, backpack or wallet.

To start, you will need macrame Cord (two 3-foot pieces and one 1-foot piece), a keychain ring and a bead.

Step 1: Cut two 3-foot pieces of macrame cord.

Step 2: Attach both cords to the keychain as shown. The outside cords are the working cords. The inside cords are the filler cords.

Step 3: Begin the first knot. Cross the right working cord over the filler cords and under the left working cord.

Step 4: Place the left working cord under the filler cords and over the right working cord.

Step 5: Pull the knot tight.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 4-5 until you reach your desired length.

Step 7: Add the bead by threading the filler cords through the bead. Add one more knot under the bead.

Step 8: Cut a 1-foot piece of cord.

Step 9: Tie off by laying the 1-foot cord in an upside-down U shape on the loose ends. Wrap the 1-foot cord around the loose ends upward. Pull the cord through the loop. Pull it tight.

Step 10: Trim the loose ends and fringe (untwist cord) if desired.

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