July 25, 2024

Steps for a Cloud Lamp

Step 1: Gather materials.


  1. Fiberfill/Polyfil stuffing
  2. Hot glue gun, plus extra sticks of glue
  3. Fishing line or thicker alternative
  4. Pointed tool to make holes in the container to hang it up
  5. Any size clear container
  6. String lights. I used ones with a battery pack, but string lights with a plug-in will work, too. Remember to cut a hole in the lid for the cord to come out. 
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Step 2: Cut holes for the string.

Using a sharp utensil, carefully poke two holes into the main body of the container. I put my holes about an inch apart for stability. 

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Step 3: Begin glueing.

Split the top of the container from the bottom and starting with small lines of glue, adhere the stuffing to the sides of the container shaping as you work. Make sure not to get glue or stuffing on the screwing mechanisms of the top or the bottom of the container. Otherwise, it will not close properly. Keep an eye on the holes you made in the container to make sure they don’t plug them with glue or fluff. 

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Step 4: Finishing touches.

Once you are satisfied with the shape and size of the cloud lamp, string the fishing line into the holes and secure the knot. Unravel the string lights and place them carefully. Once the lights are secure, close up the cloud lamp carefully, patching any holes with more hot glue and fluff.

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Step 5: Hang and enjoy your new lamp.

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