Many people have started to get this notification on their phone when being tracked by an AirTag.

AirTags tracking students on campus

The most recent Apple product, AirTag, has created an extensive conversation on safety and security. While its typical use is to track missing items, it has also become an item used to track people. The Apple AirTag was released in late April 2021 for only $29 for one, or as a four-pack for $99. The […]

Alphabet expanding drone delivery services across United States

This is a time of rapid technological advancement, and the COVID-19 pandemic put certain technologies at a higher demand and speed-ran their development.  One technological innovation that is being expanded in the U.S. is drone delivery services, which will decrease the number of in-person deliveries needed and requested, something that could be appealing to some […]

As the metaverse continues to grow, virtual reality is becoming more popular. Elijah Hickman

Meta enforcing personal space rules in VR

Personal space is an important factor in making people feel comfortable. In addition to personal space in the real world, this is now being extended to virtual reality (VR) environments. Because VR strives to make things seem real, personal space violations to one’s personal avatar can be more jarring than similar violations in non-VR video […]

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Cryptocurrency increasing in popularity

Cryptocurrency is all the rage. From Bitcoin to Ethereum to Dogecoin, the wave of cryptocurrency interest is growing. Bitcoin ATMs have even installed in more than 130 major malls. But, what even is cryptocurrency? “Cryptocurrency is fiat money, essentially meaning it is money that isn’t backed by anything like gold or silver,” said Mason Steele, […]

Elijah Hickman | Banner | Facebook rebranded to Meta in an attempt to improve the company’s image and look toward the future.

Facebook company rebranding as Meta

On Oct. 28, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced big news. Facebook Inc. will now be named Meta. During the Facebook Connect Conference in which the news was announced, Zuckerberg explained that Meta will “recast the company’s public image from battered social network to tech innovator focused on building the next generation of online interaction, known […]