September 28, 2023

Shadi Sayes, president of Image One Camera and Video store, takes a Delkin Devices Rugged Black SD card off the shelf to show to a customer. Makenna Sones | Banner

Photographers have a new option of Security Digital Cards available down the street from California Baptist University at Image One Camera and Video.

Delkin Devices, founded in 1989, is an independently owned company based in San Diego that designs and sells a variety of camera products.

Scott Clark, the national consumer manager for Delkin Devices, said he is proud of the business and guarantees customer satisfaction.

“All customer service is done and taken care of out of San Diego,” Clark said. “We are reachable, ready and willing to help.”

The company’s products are only sold in select stores, one being Image One camera and video in Riverside.

With Delkin Devices being a Southern California company, Image One has created a relationship and sells their product in full confidence of quality.

Shadi Sayes, president of Image One, said he has a heart for community businesses and products made in the United States and said this is one reason he supports Delkin Devices.

The specialty Black Rugged SD memory cards for digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are Delkin Devices products that are available with 32, 64 and 128 gigabytes of storage.

“Delkin Devices is the largest manufacturer (of SD Cards) in San Diego,” Sayes said. “They are fantastic.”

The Black SD Card can handle up to 48 pounds of weight and 72 hours of submersion.

“This card rocks,” said Robert Meeks, Black SD card user and former CBU photography student. “A friend of mine washed and dried his card in his pants and it still worked afterwards. To sum it up, this is the card to end all cards.”

The cards come with a 48- hour replacement guarantee and lifetime warranty.

Clark said if something happens to the card, the card will be replaced, no questions asked.

“(Delkin Devices) promises if the dog eats your card, after it comes out, wash it and bring it to us. We’ll replace it for you,” Sayes said.

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