Many people have started to get this notification on their phone when being tracked by an AirTag.

AirTags tracking students on campus

The most recent Apple product, AirTag, has created an extensive conversation on safety and security. While its typical use is to track missing items, it has also become an item used to track people. The Apple AirTag was released in late April 2021 for only $29 for one, or as a four-pack for $99. The […]

National Society of Black Engineers gives representation to students

Just a few months after its start at California Baptist University, the National Society of Black Engineers CBU chapter has already begun making its mark on campus. The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is one of the largest student-governed organizations in the United States and has more than 600 student chapters committed to supporting […]

Local food vendors cuts up al pastor trompo. Elijah Hickman

Ordinances spark fear in vendors

From taco to churro stands, there has been a recent boom in the appearance of local street vendors. Beyond the sweet smells and hospitality of street stands come stories of the dangers and complexities of selling food on sidewalks. Recently the number of sidewalk vendors and trucks has increased in several Southern California counties. For […]

UCLA is one campus beginning to offer vending machines with COVID-19 tests. Logan Chin

COVID-19 test vending machines begin appearing on some college campuses

COVID-19 testing continues to become more accessible to citizens through a variety of means. Some college students across California now have the option to get COVID tests available 24/7 on campuses. These tests are appearing in vending machines, mainly on campuses within the University of California system. The vending machines’ most recent debut has been […]

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L.A. COVID-19 guidelines Vaccine cards will be required upon entry to Los Angeles public establishments beginning Nov. 29. Bars, restaurants, gyms, concerts and indoor establishments except supermarkets and pharmacies will require proof of vaccination. Those exempted from vaccination for religious or medical reasons are required to show a negative COVID-19 test within the past 72 […]