Some students take notes by hand, while others prefer to use technology such as laptops to type notes. The different forms of notetaking can yield different learning results.

Banner Busters: Attention, notetakers: Is writing more effective than typing?

As personal laptops have become a classroom staple across college campuses, the debate over whether to continue to take notes by hand or to transfer to typing has divided both students and faculty. Those who prefer typing tend to opt for speed, while those who take notes by hand insist on the value of making […]

Carly Brunner, freshman illustration major, sketches in her favorite spot at California Baptist University.

Artist of the issue: Illustrator Carly Brunner

Students enrolled in the CAVAD program at California Baptist University are all exceptional artists in their own way. Carly Brunner, freshman illustration major, is one of these students. She describes her work as “free-spirited.” “I create work that reflects my own feelings, and my style is also very similar to my personality,” Brunner said. Brunner […]

The winning team, WaiSmart, receives a $7,500 scholarship at the Business Plan Competition on March 28.

Students pitch products at business competition

The Robert K. Jabs School of Business hosted California Baptist University’s annual Business Plan Competition on March 28. During the event, nine teams of students participated in a fast-pitch competition during which they put forward ideas for innovative products to a panel of judges and an audience of more than 150 students. “We style it […]

Lead singer of The Band Meal Swipes smiles onstage at WooFest.

Men take stage at WooFest

California Baptist University students clad in their semi-formal attire attended WooFest in the Events Center on March 6. This year’s event is the first time the annual event has returned since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The New Orleans-themed event featured performances by male students, including singing, dancing, spoken word and magic. To close […]

CBU students who attended the event got to witness traditional dances performed by the Polynesian dancers.

CBU hosts first school-wide API event

The sound of drums and cheers filled the basketball courts outside of Mission Hall as Polynesian dancers glided across the pavement. Across the lawn, students sat around a table learning how to make origami cranes while others received paper slips with their names hand-written in Arabic. The first Asian Pacific Islander Celebration took place on […]

Joel Fisher, senior comedic arts and philosophy double major, plays Cowardly Lion in CBU Theatre’s production of Wizard of Oz. The ensemble surrounds Fisher during “The Mary Old land of OZ” in act two.

Theater performs ‘Wizard of Oz’

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. California Baptist University’s Wallace Theatre is presenting “The Wizard of Oz” by Frank L. Baum. The story incorporates elements of traditional magic, such as a wizard (of course), witches (good and bad) and the American reality of dealing with a Kansas cyclone in the 20th century. Sophia […]

Azam Shaikh, currently pursuing a master of business administration, performs a stand-up comedy routine.

Open Mic night encourages students to share talents and demonstrate skills

The biannual tradition of Open Mic Night continued on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. Community Life hosted this event to bring students together to showcase their talents.  This event featured 17 performances that included singers, stand-up comedy and musicians displaying their talents and skills. Open Mic Night involves students who grew up performing and love […]

Alphabet expanding drone delivery services across United States

This is a time of rapid technological advancement, and the COVID-19 pandemic put certain technologies at a higher demand and speed-ran their development.  One technological innovation that is being expanded in the U.S. is drone delivery services, which will decrease the number of in-person deliveries needed and requested, something that could be appealing to some […]

Local food vendors cuts up al pastor trompo. Elijah Hickman

Ordinances spark fear in vendors

From taco to churro stands, there has been a recent boom in the appearance of local street vendors. Beyond the sweet smells and hospitality of street stands come stories of the dangers and complexities of selling food on sidewalks. Recently the number of sidewalk vendors and trucks has increased in several Southern California counties. For […]