June 16, 2024

California Baptist University Online and Professional Studies (OPS) received approval from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges for a new online program for a doctor of education (Ed.D.) in Organizational Change and Administration degree on March 27. The CBU Board of Trustees approved the program in January.

According to CBU Online, the new fully online program will aim to help professionals who hope to build upon their past education to further their professional achievements. The degree program centers around assisting organizational administrators, business executives and leaders in learning about K-12 education, higher education, private and corporate sectors and public and nonprofit sectors.

“One of the core competencies of CBU and OPS has been our education programs and teacher preparation degrees for nearly 70 years,” said Pamela Daly, vice president of OPS. “Many of our CBU graduates want to take their education to the next level and this Ed.D. is a great match for them. It is designed to support leaders who want to expand their knowledge and skills as leaders so they can contribute at a higher level within their organizations.”

Daly said that the Ed.D. in Organizational Change and Administration has been the most requested OPS program over the past three years. Dr. Kathryn Norwood, OPS professor of education, said she hopes that the creation of this program will encourage more students to pursue professional degrees through CBU OPS.

“I have been a professor at CBU since 2006 and for the past 14 years I have received requests from graduate students hoping that CBU would soon offer this terminal degree,” Norwood said. “I watched many of my former students enroll at other institutions so that they could earn this most desired degree.”

Norwood and Daly said the course is designed to take place fully online so students can participate and collaborate with others while also maintaining the ability to integrate the coursework into their schedules. Since the program is designed for professionals, the online format allows them to complete coursework and study while also continuing in their professional careers.

“The difference between on-ground and online is the flexibility for candidates to complete their coursework at home after their traditional workday,” Norwood said. “These candidates likely have current, high-demand leadership positions that require them to work longer than a 40-hour work week. The cohort model for the Ed.D. in Organizational Change and Administration allows the online candidates to collaborate with colleagues who will generally become lifelong friends who have common goals and aspirations.”

Before the addition of this program, CBU OPS had already offered two fully online programs for a Doctorate of Public Administration and a Doctorate of Business Administration. Daly said she is proud of these programs and the career opportunities their graduates have received after the completion of the programs, and she hopes the Ed.D. in Organizational Change and Administration will continue to assist its participants in career advancement.

“This continues to build on the academic reputation of CBU and prepares more leaders across all sectors to demonstrate the Christian values and practitioner skills that have been the hallmark of the CBU education,” Daly said.

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