June 16, 2024

Disneyland originally planned to open its new Marvel Avengers Campus on July 18 but announced April 10 that the opening has been indefinitely delayed as construction sites have closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to coronavirus closures, recent additions to the park included Pixar Pier and Star Wars Land: Galaxy’s Edge. The upcoming Avengers Campus will be located in the California Adventure park.

Avengers Campus will not take place where “End Game” ended, meaning certain characters who were lost in the latest film will still be alive and well. Characters will interact with people as if they are living in the current year.

Disney announced that there will be 15 Marvel characters coming to life around the land to interact with the park’s guests. These characters will do live stunts and remain in character at all times. This also includes training with certain characters to defeat villains.

This land will feature a brand new, Spider-Man themed ride with cutting-edge technology called Worldwide Engineering Brigade (WEB) headquarters. It will include gesture-recognition technology to let riders sling webs with only a flick of their wrist. Riders will be able to shoot, grab and pull webs as part of the interaction while wearing 3D glasses.

This attraction will also act as a virtual tour of Avengers Campus because riders have to pass through the buildings of the land that include Pym Test Kitchen, Avengers Headquarters and Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout.

Avengers Campus will also feature the Sanctum, a set of ruins based on the Doctor Strange story and gift shops to buy souvenirs.

Marvel fans around the world are thrilled to have their fantasies played out in real life where they will walk the hallways of Marvel buildings.

Marissa Garcia, freshman business administration major at California Baptist University, said she has been a Disneyland fan since she was a little girl and to this day she continues to enjoy going.

“I am a big Marvel fan. … I love Iron Man and Thor. I actually had the idea that Disneyland was going to add Avengers Campus, but I am thrilled to see how it will look next to all the Disney attractions,” Garcia said.

Garcia said she is excited to see her favorite characters come to life in a Marvel Universe-themed land.

“I think it will be packed the first couple of months. I will definitely miss the ’Bug’s Life’ (that previously existed there) because it made me feel nostalgic, but this new addition will attract more people to this area that was perhaps neglected in the past,” Garcia said.

Zoe Hilty, freshman liberal science major, said she is an annual passholder at Disneyland because she goes twice every three weeks.

“I want to see what they come up with in the land and how they connect it with the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ ride. Captain America is by far my favorite character,” Hilty said.

Hilty said she is thrilled to see Disneyland tear “Bug’s Life Land” down because she wants to experience something new.

“It will help balance Disneyland and California Adventure since Star Wars Land crowds Disneyland. More people were hyped for Star Wars Land but I still think the opening will be big,” Hilty said.

Jennifer Cruz, director of keyboard studies and assistant professor of music, said enjoys going to Disneyland.

“I am a Marvel fan and I am excited for this new addition and to see my favorite superhero Thor. I expect to see adventure rides and theme experiences,” Cruz said.

Cruz also said she believes Disneyland and California Adventure will balance their population because of the new land and attractions.

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