There are several different apps available to track sleep patterns.

Banner Busters: Do sleep tracking apps track sleep quality accurately?

In this digital age, people use many apps to enhance health. One sector of these apps is sleep-tracking apps, which often offer a variety of features, from white noise to data about movements during the night. Many apps even offer a measurement of sleep quality, and apps such as Apple’s own Sleep app on Apple […]

Many students have found it difficult to find parking as events such as chapel return to campus as in-person activities.

University official shares future of campus parking

With the return to fully in-person activities, including Chapel, to campus this semester, one issue has become a concern for many California Baptist University students: the parking, or lack thereof. This semester, students have had to circle parking lots searching for spots and some have missed classes or activities as they search for a place […]

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Tuition Rises Nationwide

Students returning to California Baptist University likely noticed a jump in tuition and other on-campus expenses — including housing and meal plans — in their Course and Fee Statement this year. Based on one fourth-year student’s statements, tuition and general expenses for on-campus living increased 3.1% since last year. Overall, tuition and general expenses increased […]

Some students take notes by hand, while others prefer to use technology such as laptops to type notes. The different forms of notetaking can yield different learning results.

Banner Busters: Attention, notetakers: Is writing more effective than typing?

As personal laptops have become a classroom staple across college campuses, the debate over whether to continue to take notes by hand or to transfer to typing has divided both students and faculty. Those who prefer typing tend to opt for speed, while those who take notes by hand insist on the value of making […]