February 28, 2024

This year, the Office of Student Care continues to offer resources to students to support them during their time at California Baptist University, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The biggest purpose is to care for students,” said Heather Hubbert, associate dean of students. “We have the office so that when students encounter any sort of unexpected life occurrence that they need some additional resources or help with, we do our best to step alongside them and try to give them all the resources they need to still complete their academic career.”

The Office of Student Care offers resources to students to help them navigate their academics while facing other situations such as an illness, an injury or a family tragedy. 

“I want students to know we are here for them,” Hubbert said. “Often, I hear of students who say they just did not know who to call. I want students to know they should call us and we will get them the right resources and get them to the right people. I also want students to know they are not walking through life alone. There is a whole office that wants to support them.”

In addition, this year the Office of Student Care has taken on new roles related to the management of COVID-19. The office is involved in tracking students who have tested positive or who have potentially been exposed, and they provide resources for these students such as helping to communicate with professors about students’ situations. They also manage the online meal-delivery system for students in isolation on campus and work with Provider food services to deliver meals to those students.

“I like having access to the Office of Student Care, especially during the COVID pandemic because they help provide meals to isolated students, and it is comforting to know that they will be there by our side if students have to face a COVID situation,” said Taylor Farr, sophomore communication sciences and  disorders major.

The office also includes several programs, including the First-Year Experience program and student leadership, that provide students with additional resources to aid them during their time at CBU.

“As a student living on campus, I am grateful to have this resource available,” said Kristie Wiseman, sophomore biomedical major. “It is very helpful when students are going through difficult times to have someone who is there to help.”

The Office of Student Care is located in Lancer Plaza at Suite 140. If students are instructed to enter isolation on campus this semester, they should contact the office to learn about resources available to them during the process.

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