July 24, 2024

Community Life plans to host Open Mic Night for this semester on Oct. 14. It is the first time Open Mic Night will take place in person since spring 2020.

“Open Mic Night is a chance for California Baptist University student talent to be on display,” said Kristin Holderman, director of Community Life. “We provide the venue, and students sign up to perform, sing or read a spoken word piece. It is up to them how the entertainment for the night is, and it is always good.”

Open Mic Night takes place in Lancer Plaza. The event will take place outdoors, so it will comply with COVID-19 guidelines. As a result, the event will be similar to Open Mic Nights that occurred prior to the pandemic.

“We are so excited to be returning to in-person events,” Holderman said. “Open Mic Night is always a highlight of the semester, so we are anticipating a positive response from the students as well.”

Samantha Rojo, freshman psychology major, said she is excited that events such as Open Mic Night are now available on campus.

“I will absolutely be attending,” Rojo said. “I want to see all the talented people and show my support. I think events like these are important. They help you reach out to the CBU community. They also help us make connections that will last for a lifetime.”

Christina Arispe, junior commercial performance major, said she is also excited to attend and support students’ artistic expression.

“It not only gives students an opportunity to express themselves, but it also lets other students hear how they are feeling and provides a safe space to listen and learn in an artistic or non-artistic way,” Arispe said.

Holderman said she believes Open Mic Night will help students become closer to fellow students and the school.

“(I hope students will gain) a greater connection to their peers and appreciation for the gifts and talents they possess and a sense of belonging to the student body and the university, as well as an appreciation for campus traditions,” Holderman said.

If students would like to participate in Open Mic Night and showcase their talent, they can sign up in the Community Life Lounge during the week leading up to the event. Community Life will also offer refreshments to attendees and decorate for the event. Students interested in updates on events can follow @cbu_commlife on Instagram.

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