December 2, 2023

At California Baptist University, there are endless opportunities for students to engage in sporting events, which this year included access to tickets to a Los Angeles Clipper’s game through Community Life.

The Los Angeles Clippers went head-to-head with the Sacramento Kings on the basketball court Jan. 30. Community Life gave students the opportunity to witness this game firsthand by offering discount tickets and transportation to the game. 

Tickets to these sporting events through CBU are almost always discounted. The tickets to the Clippers game were $25-$45, which helps college students save money and participate in experiences that are may be too expensive.

Jules Meeter, junior psychology major and activities intern for Community Life, attended this basketball game with a few other community life interns. She said going to sporting events is a great way to build relationships with others.

“My favorite part about the game was getting together with other students and bonding over the love of sports. It was a blast,” Meeter said.

During the first part of the game, the Clippers took the lead. However, by the end of the game the Kings claimed the victory with a score of 124-103. At the beginning of the game, there was a memorial video for Kobe Bryant, which was a heartfelt moment for all basketball fans.

Ivana Mazariegos sophomore communication studies major, attended the Clippers game with CBU. She said her favorite part of the game was watching the video dedicated to Kobe, of who she was a huge fan. She said she has always had a passion for basketball and has been a die-hard Lakers fan for as long as she can remember.

“I am constantly watching basketball on TV, so it was different actually being at the game this time. Going to this game with my best friends made the experience so much more enjoyable. I am so grateful and blessed to come to a school like CBU where I have amazing opportunities like this,” Mazariegos said.

Joshua Daily, program coordinator for Clubs and Events, in community life organized this event. He said he enjoys seeing students get involved in these events because college is one of the only times in life that students have chances to participate in events like this.

“By attending this basketball game, students with similar interests were brought together for a cool event with a low price. We were able to find students who have never connected before and allow them to build relationships with each other by taking them all out,” Daily said.

CBU has events that relate to almost all interests among students, including tickets to some of their favorite sports teams.

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