July 25, 2024

Spiritial Life’s (SL) serve season has begun and students are getting ready to sign up as they step into new growth opportunities. SL Serve Days offer a chance for students who are interested in serving local communities as well as the global community during the GenSend summer. The GenSend summer offers students the opportunity to join God’s story by traveling to cities in North America.

Morgan Caver, director of Compassion Ministries, explains the opportunities offered for students who sign up.

“SL Serve Days are important because they are an opportunity for students to serve the community together,” Caver said. “We want students to learn and engage the needs of the community. We can all grow in our understanding of how to help those around us and this is an opportunity to grow in that way. We believe this is a part of developing in Christ-like character.”

Courtesy of Spiritual Life Students smile at a SL serve day event in the local community on Sept. 24.

Caver said that SL Serve Days consist of partnering with local organizations so that students and staff can sign up to serve through these organizations throughout the Riverside area. Serve Days take place on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and include traveling to local projects and enjoying lunch with fellow students afterward.

Gabby Burrow, senior intercultural studies major and Spiritual Life intern, described how students are provided a bonding experience while serving.

“Serve Days are a great way to engage the local community through service opportunities while also providing a way for students at CBU to bond over a common cause,” Burrow said. “I highly recommend signing up for one of the serve days and giving up your Saturday morning to service.”

Burrow is participating in the Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful project through which students can help keep Riverside clean.

“I will be participating in the Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful Project 2, and we will be taking a group of students out into the surrounding areas of CBU to engage the community by picking up and disposing (of) trash,” Burrow said.

As Burrow explained her project, she included the preparation that each project requires for Serve Days.

“A lot of prep went into this event,” Burrow said. “Each project has their own unique requirements in terms of preparation. Cleaning supplies, safety vests and waivers had to be acquired for our Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful project.”

While SL continues to promote their serve days, it allows students to make an impact for the community.

Jackson Peters, junior accounting major, explained how SL Serve Day events are a great way to serve.

“Spiritual Life does an amazing job integrating Christian stewardship for students to step into growth by serving locally,” Peters said. “The opportunities that SL provides make a difference in our communities while students can get an experience to make a difference.”

Other service projects include the Inland Vineyard Church project, where students help with a food pantry. At Olive Crest and Mead Valley Community Center, students assist with office organization and event prep, and at California Baptist University Facilities and The Grove Community Church, students work on outdoor projects. Lastly, at Path of Life Ministries students provide support for unhoused families and assist with grocery delivery.

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