May 23, 2024

The freshman living area Tower Hall was once known for its glistening fountain and large clock tower. While the clock tower remains, the fountain was removed before this semester and has since been replaced with a patio area. Construction began on Sept. 7 and ended on Sept. 28.

Natalie Specht, Tower Hall resident director, said the decision to replace the fountain with a patio aimed to provide freshmen with a place where they can meet other residents more easily. Also, she said they can avoid the frequent maintenance issues of the fountain by replacing it.

“This was in response to students’ request for more communal space to utilize,” Specht said. “Adding a patio allows for new opportunities for students to spend time connecting with the community in Tower Hall.”

Although the major construction ended on Sept. 28, Specht said California Baptist University will continue to add to the new patio area.

“This is still an ongoing project as our Facilities and Planning Services Department works to continue putting finishing touches on the paved area like adding some landscaping,” Specht said.

She said that there were no major setbacks during the construction process, which made it a manageable project to continue even with residents living in housing on campus.

“The construction project went according to plan,” Specht said. “Thanks to the Facilities and Planning Services Department and their diligence in making plans, (the school) can continue the construction project while being mindful of the impact it has on students.”

Mikayla Morehead, sophomore art therapy major and Tower Hall resident adviser, is excited that this project is almost complete. She said she loves the addition of a new place for residents to potentially meet new friends in a COVID-compliant way.

“I enjoy watching people safely socializing outside,” Morehead said. “The patio area fosters more community than the fountain ever did.”

K.J. Holloway, freshman psychology student and Tower Hall resident, is grateful for the new place to study.

“It is a peaceful, chill area to go out and study and a good way to get away from the dorm,” Holloway said.

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