April 14, 2024

The chapter of the International Justice Mission at California Baptist University held a pop-up thrift shop called Threads on Nov. 12. All the proceeds from the event helped fund IJM’s projects in its fight against modern-day slavery.

This was the first year the IJM club hosted Threads, but members said they plan to continue doing this fundraiser and will hold the pop-up thrift shop at least once a year.

Alyssa Reimer, senior photography major and club president, said all money made from the thrift shop will go directly to IJM to fund rescue missions.

“The rescue missions can be anything from doing research to see how IJM can help other countries end the human-trafficking process or partnering with the police department in storming buildings to rescue the children, women and anybody else who is enslaved,” Reimer said. “It could (also) go to after-care programs to help those rescued after these kinds of missions.”

IJM is an international organization that fights against and raises awareness of modern-day slavery. According to its website, it has helped rescue more than 49,000 people from slavery, violence and oppression, and it has helped in the arrest of more than 3,800 suspected slave owners and criminals.

The organization helps authorities find victims of violence, forced labor and sex trafficking. It assists local police departments with rescue missions, and provides for the needs of the victims once they have been rescued.

Kattya Estrada, freshman nursing major, said she appreciates the goal of IJM and will be attending IJM’s future pop-up thrift shops.

“I will be donating to this organization instead of the other thrift stores where I go,” Estrada said. “I am so glad I was here to witness (the shop’s first year).”

Estrada also praised the variety and diversity of the clothes Threads offered.

“(Their selection is) really cute and they have a lot of different sizes, a lot of men’s and women’s wear also, and cute shoes,” Estrada said.

Not only is this pop-up thrift shop working for a good cause, it can also benefit students, who are sometimes struggling for money, with purchasing inexpensive clothing.

Lana Mack, sophomore communication studies major, said the thrift show was helpful to her as a single mother.

“I was walking by and saw some clothes hanging up,” Mack said. “I try to save as much money as possible, and especially as a single mom, I have to buy clothes for two half the time.”

Those who are interested in joining IJM or helping with any of the chapter’s projects can contact Alyssa Reimer or any of the IJM club’s leaders. Those looking for updates can follow the Instagram @CBUIJM or visit IJM.org to find information about the organization on a national level.

The meetings for CBU’s IJM chapter are held Wednesday nights.

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