July 25, 2024

While spring and fall semester are quite similar, they can also be different in a variety of ways. In an Instagram poll that asked students which semester they like more, the outcome was quite even. Fifty-one percent of students prefer fall and 49 percent prefer spring.

Greta Anderson, associate director of Undergraduate Admissions, said that the main difference she notices between fall and spring semester is the number of incoming students, which creates a more hectic environment.

“I think that because the amount of students is larger in the fall, it can be more overwhelming or really exciting for some people depending on their personalities because of the length of Welcome Weekend and people moving into new spaces, whereas spring is a little more even-keeled and calmer in nature,” Anderson said.

Fall semester is full of events relating to the holiday season, while spring is more relaxed. Fall semester is also shorter because of Thanksgiving and Christmas break. During the fall, things can become chaotic because everyone is settling into a new year after a long summer break. The spring semester can become stressful because of summer plans and graduation.

Hannah Doefert, senior graphic design and leadership studies major, said she likes all events throughout the year regardless of semester. However, she still prefers the fall semester because she feels more prepared after summer.

“It’s hard to choose one semester, but I’d have to say that I like the fall better because I have a lot of energy and drive after such a long break. During the spring, I’m ready for the semester to be over,” Doefert said.

To some students, the fall semester seems to go by quickly, primarily attributed to fewer school days, while the spring semester appears to go by slower. Sebastian Prado, senior computer science major, compared the pros and cons of each semester and came to a conclusion.

“I tend to look forward to spring semester more for multiple reasons, including the weather and the calming environment,” Prado said. “Mostly, I like it because it is extremely close to graduation.”

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