June 19, 2024

California Baptist University’s Recreation Center closed March 30 after the university announced a shut down of the campus to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Just like with online academic courses, students can stay active because the Recreation Center is providing students with remote physical training through workout videos.

“They had Instagram stories of different ways to work out, like using a broom and bungee cords creating a homemade cable machine,” said Kylie Morrison, senior kinesiology major and student worker at the Recreation Center.

With the remote training program, the Recreation Center offers live workout classes each week. Garrett Barker, Recreation Center facilities program director, said they are going to add a few more class sessions in the near future.

“We provide several different types of workouts including Tabata, Boxing, HIIT and Body Works,” Barker said.

Workout videos include collaborative group challenges that will encourage students to not only get involved but also to invite others to join.

“(With) a 500 burpee challenge, the idea is to assemble a team and you guys distribute the burpees and get them done over the course of the week,” Morrison said.

The remote workout program is run by the Recreation Center’s full-time staff. The Recreation Center’s staff runs the program through content creation, filming and sharing.

“I personally think that they are putting out great content,” Morrison said.

Kati Ratliff, senior accounting major, said the videos provide a great reference for home workouts, but there is still room for improvement.

“The videos could be more motivational and interactive,” Ratliff said.

Barker said they are adapting and looking to branch out to other platforms.

“As we are starting to see trends change with app use compared to desktop use, and how students are getting their information and entertainment, we are researching what other outlets can be used to engage with a virtual student population,” Barker said.

The Recreation Center also announced that it will be offering a new online program for current students.

“All registered students will be able to sign up for four sessions with an online fitness support specialist, who will provide them with a one-on-one virtual consultation and design a personalized workout program based on fitness level, fitness goals, at home workout space and equipment,” Barker said.

The team in charge of this remote coaching and training program is adapting to the changing situation and that the staff continues to brainstorm new ideas to help students navigate their fitness goals at home.

Students who want to stay in shape and remain active during this time can tune in on Instagram @cburecreation for upcoming workouts and information.

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