May 23, 2024

Regular and regimented exercise is an essential yet often overlooked part of life. Many college students find they do not have enough time for an entire workout between collegiate responsibilities and outside work.

However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as little as 30 minutes of exercise a day can keep someone healthy, help ward off heart disease, prevent type II diabetes and even lower the risk for certain cancers, including esophageal, lung and stomach cancers.

With California Baptist University’s Recreation Center, stocked with exercise equipment, friendly workers and invigorating classes, a healthy life is not only possible, but also entirely attainable.

Victoria Tamayo, fitness lead and junior exercise science major, explained that exercise “can promote an overall well being for students’ mental health.”

“The Recreation Center can be a great resource to decompress after a tough week or a busy schedule,” Tamayo said.

Jenna Beekhuis, junior photography major and Zumba instructor, said that working out helps her relieve stress and improves her mental health.

“Getting an hour to just dance it out in my class is so rewarding, and it’s a major plus it helps keep me physically healthy as well,” Beekhuis said.

The classes at the Recreation Center are a place for fitness, but  also a place for the community.

Grace Lantz, junior public health major, explains that her role as a kickboxing instructor plays a big part in the community aspect of the classes offered by the Recreation Center.

“Personally, as an instructor, I am there to push students to become stronger versions of themselves, but also, I am there as a friend and a peer that understands the same struggles they might be going through,” Lantz said. 

Lantz laid out a few key points when asked why regimented exercise is so essential. She explains that, for college students, exercise is incredibly important because, due to classes, students end up sitting and spending long hours in front of computer screens. She added that exercise is also a fantastic stress reliever and can aid in creating a sense of self-discipline with regard to our physical and mental health.

Tamayo wants all who are worried about going to the Recreation Center to exercise to know that they offer classes that can help beginners ease into working out.

“We offer weight room orientations to all students, (and) this is a great way to get hands-on experience with the machines and equipment at the Rec Center,” Tamayo said.

If you would like to begin your fitness journey, reach out to the fitness instructors at the Recreation Center for guidance.

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