February 23, 2024

Ever wondered why rugs are so outrageously expensive? Your guess is as good as mine. But have no worries, Lifestyle Tries is here to show you how to make a simple and cost-effective rug that can transform any space and keep those wallets a little fuller.

Supplies needed include a 40×59 inch nonskid rug pad, a 3×5 inch piece of cardboard, white yarn, sisal rope, 30 feet of 5.5-inch burlap, three yards of 4-inch lace ribbon, scissors, hot glue and glue sticks. 

All supplies can easily be found at a Walmart, Michaels, and even the Dollar Tree.

This DIY took about two and a half hours to create and cost $18 to make.

Follow these steps to create this Anthropology inspired rug:

· Step One: Fold the nonskid rug pad in half vertically  and glue it together. Be careful not to let the glue slip through onto the ground.

· Step Two: Create pom-poms out of yarn with the 3×5 inch piece of cardboard. Wrap yarn around the 5-inch side roughly 40 times. Cut the yarn at both ends. Then, taking a separate strand of yarn, tie a double knot around the middle of the loose strands. Repeat this step 24 times.

· Step Three: Starting from either of the two short sides of the rug, hot glue 12 pom-poms in a vertical line along the edge.

· Step Four: Measure two equal strips of burlap to the rug and glue them together, then glue all of it onto the rug pad next to the pom-poms. This will ensure the burlap is not see-through.

· Step Five: Cut  four strands of sisal rope equal to the length of the rug. Glue these side-by-side next to the burlap row. Repeat steps four and five three more times.

· Step Six: After gluing the last four rows of sisal rope, glue down one final strand of burlap.

·Step Seven: Glue 12 more pom-poms in a vertical line. If there is some rug pad still left over, just cut it off to match the length of the pom-poms.

· Step Eight: Cut three strands of lace to the length of the rug. Glue each strand in the middle of the first, third and fifth burlap rows.

· Step Nine: Clean the edges by gluing excess burlap and lace strands underneath the rug.

The rug is now complete and ready to decorate any living space. Keep in mind the dimensions can be altered to match the length of rug desired. Switch up the pattern or get creative, but most importantly, have fun doing it.

Keep those glue guns for future DIYs and share your recreations on Instagram and tag @cbulancermedia or use #lancercam for a chance to be featured online or in the next issue of The Banner.

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