April 19, 2024

Students are often unaware of the free resources their college offers. The Office of Student Success takes pride in servicing students at California Baptist University. The OSS aids in helping students achieve their academic goals.

Being a college student comes with responsibility, and oftentimes, stress. CBU aims to ensure students never feel alone during their time at the university The OSS promises to be a helping hand on its website with the statement, “From the classroom to commencement.”

A multitude of resources are available to support every student’s individual needs. The OSS offers tutoring, workshops, disability services and academic support materials.

A popular resource many students take advantage of is the free tutoring. One-on-one and group tutoring is offered for almost every discipline at CBU to reinforce the material students are learning.

Joseph Arriga, tutor for the writing center, said he helps students at all different levels of studies.

“Most of what we do is help students feel more confident in their paper,” Arriga said.

Along with helping students on essays, tutors also offer help with student organization. Arriga has assisted students in many ways, from creating resumes to assisting with capstone projects.

Arriga also said tutoring students is extremely fulfilling and one of the most gratifying things he has ever done.

No matter the student’s rank in the classroom, Arriga said every student can benefit from having a second pair of eyes on his or her work.

Natalie Delgado, freshman undeclared major, is one of many students being tutored by Arriga. She said she had been struggling in her writing class, and her professor gave her information about the OSS.

Delgado said the tutoring she received has opened her eyes to improvements she had not even considered beforehand. A key factor that keeps many students coming back is the benefit of learning on their own time.

“It feels easier to come and talk to a tutor one-on-one because you can take your time. In a classroom, your time for asking questions is limited,” Delgado said.

Each program offered by the OSS is carefully designed to give students confidence in their college journey. In fact, confidence plays a major role in why the OSS exists.

Michael Osadchuck, coordinator of OSS, explained why the OSS was put into place.

“Success might mean helping a student not fail. Success might be going from a B to an A, or even just feeling confident. Success might mean accountability. It is going to look different for all students. We are there throughout the entire journey,” Osadchuck said.

Osadchuck extends an offer to all CBU students. “You don’t have to struggle alone. There are people ready to help you get to the next level. Stop by and say hi, and we will be here when you need us,” Osadchuck said.

The OSS is available to all CBU students and is open every Monday–Thursday from 9 a.m.–9 p.m., and Friday from 9 a.m.–6 p.m.

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