June 9, 2023

To help speed up the vaccination process for Riverside residents, the city of Riverside opened its first major vaccination clinic Jan. 30.

Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 have been on a downward trend nationwide in recent weeks, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This trend is also present in Riverside county and the state of California.

In a partnership with Curative, a biotechnology company, the city of Riverside has injected approximately 450 shots a day since the opening of the clinic, according to Phil Pitchford, city of Riverside’s public information officer.

“It has been a great cooperative effort between the city, which set up the site; Curative, Inc., who administers the shots; and the County of Riverside, which supplies the vaccine. We have been very encouraged by the way that Riversiders have embraced this approach,” Pitchford said. “Curative has been extremely professional and a great partner. They have dramatically increased the amount of testing we have been able to do, and are still providing testing at many sites around the City of Riverside.”

The city is currently administering the virus to those who fall within the Phase 1A and Phase 1B tiers, and people aged 65 and older.

Those who fall into these tiers include healthcare workers, long-term care residents, agriculture and food workers, education, childcare and emergency service workers.

James Martin, a Riverside resident over the age of 65 who received the Moderna vaccine, said the process was smooth and efficient.

“I had no problems, the staff was friendly and, from the time I checked in for my appointment until I was injected with the vaccine, it was smooth sailing,” Martin said. “I had to wait a couple of minutes once it was administered, but everything went well.”

Rebecca Tucker, senior creative writing major, said she thinks it’s important that everyone be vaccinated.

“COVID-19 is a very real and serious threat, and in taking the vaccinations, people are ensuring not only their own safety, but also the safety of others they come into contact with.” 

Because of the vaccination schedule, college students are not allowed to receive the vaccine unless cleared by a medical professional due to an underlying or dangerous condition.

Students who do meet the criteria for the vaccine can receive it starting March 15.              

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