March 21, 2023

Every first Thursday of the month, the Riverside Arts Council hosts a community event called the Riverside Arts Walk in Downtown Riverside from 6–9 p.m.

The Riverside Arts Walk is a free event that consists of music, food and laughter as the community comes together to make lasting memories.

Each artist works long hours to make sure their work is ready and presentable for this specific day because they are getting to showcase their work to potential or previous buyers.

Rose Grant, a resident of Riverside, said she has attended the Riverside Arts Walk a few times now.

“I like all the different types of art at this event — some of the art inspires me,” Grant said.

Grant is currently taking an art class at Riverside City College, which she said allows her to freely express her creative side. Often, going to art shows allows other artists to find their inspiration.

Kennia Rainey, Riverside artist, said without the support of her mom and sister this dream would not be possible.

“My inspiration comes from (Asian artist) Chien-An Chou. When I saw his vibrant colors I knew that was what I wanted to do. (His) cyberpunk colors allow me to express my personality and become a known artist,” Rainey said.

When the time is right, Rainey said she plans to start painting murals as well as potentially start her own clothing business, which would allow her to use her graphic design skills. She showcases her artwork on her Instagram page, @that_artistic_punk.

The theme of March’s Arts Walk was inspiration, and every person encountered seemed to be influenced by another artist they saw at other art events.

Jaclyn Greene, junior public health major, said she was attracted to the Arts Walk because she enjoyed how the new modern art was paired with the historical district in the city.

“I’m currently taking (a) ceramics (class), and the pottery booths here allow me to get inspiration for what I am currently doing. It also reminds me that it is important to be constantly improving because one day I will be able to showcase my work,” Greene said.

The next chance to catch a Riverside Arts Walk will be April 2 from 6-9 p.m.

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