June 10, 2023

Many students at California Baptist University may ask if it is worth it to purchase a Disneyland annual pass during their college years because of the park’s close proximity to CBU. Even though the park is just a 45-minute drive away in Anaheim, the price of the pass is what seems to keep most students from purchasing one.

Alison Fort, sophomore nursing major, has renewed her Disney Deluxe Passport twice. The deluxe pass includes 10 percent off dining and merchandise and costs nearly $54 a month after an initial payment of $154, or $799 annually. Even with her busy nursing schedule, Fort said she still has time to take a break and enjoy her time at Disneyland. She said Disney offers an efficient way to take a break from the pressures of nursing school.

“It’s like a stress release. When you’re there, you’re not thinking about assignments or studying or anything,” Fort said.

Other students feel it is not worth it to have a pass because there is little to do and see in Disneyland. However, there are many other things to do there besides the rides.

Trevor Vals, junior film major, said he has the Disney Signature Passport with MaxPass. The signature pass includes no blockout days, 15 percent off dining, 20 percent off merchandise and free parking. The cost is $94 a month after an initial payment of $154, or $1,249 annually. Vals said he has gone to Disneyland several times to do his homework in one of the cozy cafes.

“It’s a different atmosphere and it provides an exciting spectacle,” Vals said.

Vals has gone to Disneyland before simply to walk around for a few hours or to watch the various entertainment, such as the parades and firework shows.

Jeffery Barnes, dean of Student Success and professor of humanities, teaches a course at CBU on the history of Disneyland. Barnes said that, to him, this class is so much more than just learning the story of how Disneyland came to be. Barnes said he believes Disneyland is about the power of ideas and the importance of dreams.

“It’s really about using something that we all love here in Southern California as a vehicle for success, for leadership, for making our own dreams come true,” Barnes said.

Even when opting for the monthly payment option for a Disneyland pass, the price can still be something that makes students feel as though it is not worth the cost. However, Disneyland is a different experience to every person each time 

“The park’s 30 miles away. When are you going to ever live closer? When are you ever not going to have to pay for a hotel, or gas or airfare? This is the time,” Barnes said.

Living in Southern California comes with another perk for Disneyland passes. The Disney Southern California select pass can be purchased for $20 per month or $399 annually. While this pass has restrictions such as having to pay for parking each time and many blackout dates, it is a good cost-efficient option for those looking for an inexpensive annual pass.

For students in Southern California who wish to go to Disneyland without having to buy an annual pass, a three-day pass can be purchased for the discounted price of $199 for a limited time. These special discounted tickets may be purchased through May 18 and are valid until May 21.

The pricing of a Disneyland pass may look as though it is too expensive. But to many people, Disneyland is more than just an amusement park. 

 For students, especially those who are not from Southern California, now could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a pass, as living at CBU means living 45 minutes away from a place around which families plan their whole vacation.

However, even without a Disneyland pass, students can stay entertained with other local activities and attractions around Riverside. There are plenty of other ways to relieve stress during the semester.

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