July 13, 2024

With the many changes that novel coronavirus has brought to California Baptist University, many students now at home fear they will miss out on opportunities to be involved in on-campus events.

However, beloved events from Spiritual Life and Community Life are still available to students with the help of technology and social media.

Krisitin Holderman, director of Campus Activities, said efforts are being made to keep students connected to “on-campus” events even while away from school.

“In light of the current circumstances, all events have moved online, whether that is (Instagram) Live or Zoom meetings, and we’re planning a Netflix Party coming up,” Holderman said. “Any ways that we can interact and engage online, we are trying to utilize those platforms to keep students connected to each other and the university.”

Holderman said the events so far have had good turnouts from students.

“Each thing we’ve done online as far as asking for tags or engagement we’ve gotten responses and participation. We did an IG Live ‘Coffee with Community Life’ that had 324 viewers in total,” Holderman said.

Spiritual Life has also moved Challenge nights to Zoom, and students still get the chance to participate and see friends through a virtual platform.

Molly Enns, junior marketing major, participated in this event with more than 80 other CBU students. Enns described the benefits that this and other online opportunities for community present.

“Students will be able to consistently hear the word of God and enjoy fellowship with other believers that would otherwise be absent without virtual Challenge night,” Enns said.

Shannon Herrera, junior nursing major, said she has seen the way this event and others have helped students stay connected while away from campus, as well as helped students maintain a routine.

“I loved being able to see friends on Zoom and it was great to do something that I would normally do on campus even if it looked a little different,” Herrera said.

In addition to the online events that have already taken place, Community Life is also going to host a variety of future events, including more IG Live events and Zoom meetings.

“We hope students engage with what everyone is doing online, and we really look forward to when we are all back together in person,” Holderman said.

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