May 23, 2024

Private School Shooting

Officers responded to a call reporting shots fired inside The Covenant School in Nashville, a private Christian elementary school, on March 27. The suspect, identified as a 28-year-old former student, was shot and killed at the scene by officers, according to Metro Nashville PD. The shooter entered through the school’s entrance, opening fire and firing at arriving police. Six people were killed, including three children.

38 dead, 29 injured after a fire inside a migrant detention center in Juarez, Mexico

At least 38 migrants from different Latin American countries died and 29 people were injured on March 27 inside an immigration facility in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico when a fire broke out after migrants lit their mattresses on fire. The bonfire was the result of migrants protesting deportation, as Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador said in his press briefing held on March 28.

Life Saving Medicine Approved

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the over-the-counter sale of Narcan nasal spray on March 29. The spray reverses opioid overdoses. Legalized in 2015, Narcan nasal spray was available in the U.S. only as a prescription. The FDA stated, “Today’s action paves the way for the life-saving medication to reverse an opioid overdose to be sold directly to consumers in places like drug stores and convenience stores.”

Former Starbucks CEO grilled during senate hearing

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz testified before the U.S. Senate committee on March 29. The company was accused of illegal retaliation against employees involved in unionizing. Schultz acknowledged to the committee on March 30 that some unionized locations were excluded from a pay increase announced in May, according to AlJazeera. Schultz resigned from his position at Starbucks earlier this month.

Tornado hits California city

he National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed a tornado ripped through a part of Montebello, Calif. on March 22. The Montebello Fire Dept. stated in a press conference that they had inspected 17 buildings of which 11 were red-tagged, categorizing them as inhabitable. The NWS registered winds with a peak of 110 mph on the EF1 (Enhanced Fujita scale), and stated that it was the strongest to hit L.A. since 1983.

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