June 23, 2024

Americans killed in Mexico

Four Americans were kidnapped and two were killed in Matamoros, Mexico, on March 3 after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border from Brownsville, Texas, according to the FBI. Multiple gunmen performed the attack. U.S. investigators told CNN that a Mexican drug cartel mistook them for drug smugglers. Later that week, five men from The Gulf Cartel Scorpion Group were turned in, according to a letter obtained by Associated Press. The two survivors are recovering in a U.S. hospital.

U.S. drone downed in Ukraine

A Russian fighter jet struck the propellers of an American surveillance drone on March 14, according to the Pentagon. Following the encounter with the Russian fighter jets, the Pentagon stated the drone crashed into the water near Snake Island, an island off the coast of Ukraine. Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder stated they had no choice but to crash it in the water because of the damage. The location of the Russian jet is unknown. The Russian government insisted the fighter jet did not take the drone down.

Massive Bank Failures

The largest U.S. bank failure since 2008 occurred when Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank collapsed just two days apart on March 10 and 12, respectively. The Biden administration said the “banking system is safe” as many across the country race to pull their funds from similar banks. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is required to compensate each account owner for a maximum of $250,000, which will be reimbursed to state workers the following Monday. Silicon Valley Bank announced plans to reopen the same day.

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