News briefs

L.A. COVID-19 guidelines

Vaccine cards will be required upon entry to Los Angeles public establishments beginning Nov. 29. Bars, restaurants, gyms, concerts and indoor establishments except supermarkets and pharmacies will require proof of vaccination. Those exempted from vaccination for religious or medical reasons are required to show a negative COVID-19 test within the past 72 hours to enter these establishments. Children younger than 12 years of age are not subject to these new requirements. Events of 10,000 people or more will be required to follow this mandate and masks will be required at all times.

Orange county oil spill

Southern California shores have been filled with oil caused by a oil pipeline leakage. Many beach cities were closed for weeks due to the leakage, which was first reported by Newport Beach and Orange County residents on Oct. 1. The Coast Guard confirmed the leakage of at least 25,000 gallons of oil into the ocean from a pipeline owned by Amplify Energy Coast Guard. Laguna Beach, one of the shores affected by the oil spill, is a sensitive marine habitat, so clean-up efforts have aimed to protect the ecosystems along shores affected by the spill. As the effort advances, beaches such as Huntington and Laguna are beginning to reopen. Officials have responded to the damaged ecosystems and encourage those who come across wildlife affected by the spill to contact 1-877-823-6926.

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