July 25, 2024

With a busy course schedule, it can be hard for artistic students to find the time to actually sit and draw out the ideas in their minds on paper. With Adobe’s new app, Adobe Fresco, students will have the ability to create right at their fingertips.

The new Adobe app was originally named Project Gemini and was first mentioned at the creativity conference, Adobe Max 2018. 

Adobe Fresco is a digital drawing, painting and sketching app that is the perfect tool for on-the-go content creators.

Only the beta version of Adobe Fresco is currently available on iPads with the iOS version 12.4 and up. 

The new Adobe app will also provide students with new insight when it comes to the art world.

Kristi Lippire, associate professor of visual art, said Adobe Fresco will allow students to have multiple sketches at once and adjust their sketches without having to start over.

“The app would be a quick tool to make it easier for students to communicate their creative ideas and it would potentially be similar to sketching. The only difference is students would be using a stylus but would still use their fingers at some point,” Lippire said.

Adobe Fresco also allows students to easily save all their work in one place.

Abby Schornick, senior biomedical engineering major, said the new Adobe app will be more convenient and easier to transport instead of having to carry supplies.

“When working with traditional ways of drawing and painting, generally I can’t undo too much and it’s frustrating when I have to start all over and use more materials,” Schornick said.

Schornick also said she believes the Adobe app will help her creatively.  

“Adobe Fresco would allow me to be more generous with myself creatively. Especially when I can easily manipulate something I draw,” Schornick said. “(It would) allow me to change colors, resize things and change my creative express with greater ease.”

College students have very busy schedules and they are often completing assignments or using free time on-the-go. Adobe Fresco gives everyone the opportunity to work anywhere and everywhere. 

Gina Mann, senior criminal justice and psychology double major, said art brings peace and calmness into her stressful day.

“I’m always on the go, therefore, it makes creativity extra accessible and won’t limit me to when I can bring life to my ideas. It would also provide me unlimited supplies and eventually save me money in the future,” Mann said.

Students who are interested in Adobe Fresco can request access to the beta version by reaching out through the web page and contacting Adobe Inc.

The full version of the  Adobe Fresco app will be released for iOS at the end of 2019, most likely in November during Adobe’s annual three-day creativity conference known as Adobe Max 2019 on Nov. 4-6.

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