Smartphone applications benefit college students

Smartphones can be used for more than just texting, tweeting, Facebook stalking or even Flappy Bird. In fact, there are many apps that can benefit college students academically.

Blackboard Mobile Learn is a useful app for California Baptist University students. The Blackboard app has direct access to a student’s courses and any uploaded assignments on the courses page. This app makes it easier for students to stay connected with classes and work that is due, as well as having access to whatever the professor has posted regarding the course.

“I really like the Blackboard app,” said Nate Wilson, sophomore software engineering major. “It notifies me when my teachers make a post on Blackboard, as well as telling me when my grades have been updated.”

My Homework is an app that allows students to upload syllabi and logs when homework is due. It creates a digital calendar to help students keep track of what is due. It allows the user to prioritize his or her assignments, and it also sends reminders to complete assignments.

An app that can be helpful for college students is called SleepCycle. The point of the app is that the user sets a time he or she wants to be awake, and the app slowly wakes the user. The app is designed to slowly bring a user out of deep sleep so when the user wakes up the person feels rested.

“If you’re still in a deep sleep a half hour before you need to be up, it plays music softly and in short increments until you are ready to be awakened by the actual alarm that sounds and vibrates,” said Olivia Tighe, freshman pre-nursing major.

This app tracks users’ sleep cycles and the quality of rest the user is getting over the course of the sleep.

Mint is an app for people who are looking to set up a budget. This app keeps track of what a person is spending, where they are spending it and if it fits into that person’s budget. This app allows people  to create a strict budget with specific allotments of cash for certain activities.

StudyBlue is an app for students who are on the go. It allows students to create flashcards from notes through a mobile device, providing them the opportunity to study the flash cards anywhere. When a user submits flashcards, they are uploaded onto a database that all other users can access.

This has created a large database of student-written flashcards available to any user who downloads the app.

Apps are a useful resource for students, allowing them to get the most out of their mobile device. Many apps are free, or come with free versions, which is helpful for college students and can be educational.

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