October 1, 2023

Elegant, edgy, sophisticated or messy, everyone has a “look” that he or she trys to create with his or her hair. The tricks for perfecting these different hairstyles are endless.

There are many trending wedding hairstyles and day-to-day looks that California Baptist University students can try when styling their own hair.

Brooke Davis, sophomore graphic design and marketing double major, said she is fascinated with fashion and hair trends and is currently  fond of the “Hollywood curl” that appears in many awards shows.

“Women (have begun) to curl their hair from the chin down,” Davis said. “(They) use a wand to take bigger pieces of hair and curl them facing outward. By doing that, (they are) creating bigger, fuller curls.”

Davis said she has noticed many wedding looks use floral elements in hairdos, such as crowns and headbands. One rustic and romantic look, known as the “Garden Lady,” combines curls, braids and floral pieces. The majority of the hair is curled in larger pieces and then the front of the hair is braided and pulled back. A floral element is held in by the braid in the back.

Sleek ponytails have also become popular recently, especially on the red carpet and runway. Davis said many women emphasize their facial features or bold-colored dresses by tightly pulling all of their hair back into a straight ponytail, with little or no hair around the face.

Mariah Campbell, master of music in vocal performance student, began styling hair in the university choirs when she was an undergraduate student. She curled several women’s hair for their performances and eventually became the go-to hairstylist for recitals and other related events.

Last year, Campbell styled a bride’s hair for the first time.

“At the end of last May, I had my first wedding,” Campbell said. “We had 13 weddings last year alone.”

She said it has become something she really enjoys and hopes to continue doing, especially with the number of engagements on the CBU campus.

There are several hair trends that Campbell has encountered and done since styling hair for brides and bridesmaids. She has helped create everything from formal updos to big curls.

For a unique day-to-day style, Campbell has noticed a growing use of chalk as a temporary substitute for hair dye. It can be applied directly to the hair and it resembles actual dye.

“(Chalk) works great for blondes,” Campbell said. “If you have light-colored hair you don’t wet the chalk. You want the color to transfer directly to the hair follicle, and if it’s dry that’s usually the best way to do it.”

However, using chalk on darker hair requires a different technique. Campbell said wetting the chalk will double the pigment, making it possible to apply the color to darker hair.

Coloring the hair with chalk can create a bright and unique look that does not require commitment or expensive upkeep.

Students in need of a change or a special look for an event can incorporate any of these hairstyles to make a bold statement this year.

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