May 27, 2023

California Baptist University caters to an extremely diverse student population and students are quick to indulge in a wide variety of tastes in cuisine. Student seek restaurants with cheap and convenient options, while also catering to a diverse list of preferences.

Many local restaurants provide favorite delivery options directly to CBU.

Lindsey Bruch, senior mechanical engineer major, said she enjoys ordering food from Riverside Thai Kitchen.

“My favorite thing on the menu is Chicken Pad Thai. It’s delicious, nutritious and really affordable, which is great for college students on a tight budget,” Bruch said.

Eleasha Go , junior anthropology and business double major, said she also frequently orders food to be delivered to her on-campus apartment.

“I honestly order a lot of Domino’s. They offer speedy delivery, delicious pizza and are open until midnight. It is great if I want a bite to eat when I’m doing late-night homework,” Go said.

Domino’s even has its own app that customers can use to create a personalized “pizza profile” and earn reward points with each purchase that add up toward free pizza.

Elizabeth Mares, open shift leader at a local Domino’s, said that company is currently offering a variety of coupons for delivery orders.

“Our deals that save people the most money are our three large, one topping pizza for $7.99 each and our choose any two or more entrées for $5.99 each deal.”

In the age of modern technology, apps such as Grubhub, Uber Eats and Postmates negate tedious phone calls, making ordering food as easy as the click of a button. Students can order all-night breakfast from Denny’s, chips and guacamole from Chipotle, or a burger and fries from McDonald’s straight from their smartphones.

Although there is oftentimes a small fee to cover the cost of delivery, people do not seem to mind paying extra.

“Delivery allows me to stay in the comfort of my own home and still order the same great food that I love. I’m saving money on gas, so I really don’t mind the fee,” Bruch said.

Delivery is a simple and cost-effective way to eat out, and students at CBU seem to appreciate this option.

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