May 23, 2024

Cellphones are used for little and big tasks, from sending a simple text to holding all of someone’s valuable information. Technology today can impact a person’s entire life.

With mobile phone prices on the rise, people are starting to re-think whether a new smartphone is truly worth spending more than $1,000.

A lot goes into building and programming high-end smartphones, which is why big companies such Apple and Samsung have managed to increase their cellphone prices over the last few years.

iPhones used to cost closer to $600. Now the average cost can be more than $1,000 because of the increase in megapixels and new features, such as a triple rear-facing camera, improved water and shatter resistance and three different sizes.

Dr. Adele Harrison, professor of personal finance, said she believes students need to first prioritize their needs over their wants and then, if they have extra money, they can spend that on a smartphone.

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“If a person has self-discipline and is not struggling, they should spend their money with joy. However, if a person is struggling with self-discipline, they should ask themselves if they are using their resources for the right reasons,” Harrison said.

Harrison highly suggests that when students are buying their new phones that they are doing it for all the right reasons rather than wanting to fit in.

“A person needs to look at where their heart is when they are spending money on things,” Harrison said.

When it comes to buying a new smartphone, people need to consider if they are purchasing a phone because they actually need or want it rather than feeling pressure to stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

Abby Booz, junior political science major, said she would consider getting a new phone if the features were new and improved.

“I would have to do some research and talk to my parents, but if I truly saved up for the phone, I would get it,” Booz said.

Doing some research before making large purchases is helpful for the buyer. Brands such as Apple and Samsung are then impacted both negatively and positively because students are either opting out of buying a new phone or are making monthly payment plans to afford the phone they want.

Keeping up with trends in technology is appealing, but keeping up with expensive new phones is not always a top priority, especially for students.

Gabriela Sierravigas, junior art therapy studies major, strongly opposes getting a phone that costs more than $1,000, even if it is trending.

“That is way too much money for a luxury item. Plus, who has that kind of money laying around?” Sierravigas said.

Students may find they do not need $1,000 phones if their current phone allows them to make phone calls and text messages. While it can be easy to fall for advertising tactics and buy an expensive iPhone or Android, students should be able to distinguish between what they truly need and what they want.

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