June 16, 2024

Smart watches have been on the rise and becoming more popular every year. Different brands such as Apple, Samsung and even Fitbit have been improving their watches to be the top of the market.

Smart watches have been skyrocketing in the market since 2015, according to Business Insider research.

Wearable technology has increased to be a regular day-to-day life improvement.

Many technology sites have ranked different smart watches according to their ease of use and their convenience, but many have given the Apple Watch Series 3 the title of the best smart watch of the year.

“Owning an Apple Watch has changed my life in multiple ways. It is not just a next step from the iPhone, it has allowed me to live a healthier lifestyle because it allows you to track your health and other important facts about your body,” said Lizette Perez, junior health science major and CBU water polo player.

“As an athlete it has also helped me be accountable with my  heart rate and calories burned. If I am receiving an important call, I can see it on my wrist and if it is not important it won’t distract me.”

Many companies, such as Fitbit, have taken fitness tracking to another level with smart watches. Fitbit released a smart watch partnered with Adidas that gives its users the ability to track their workout progress.

Adidas has added new technology that will assist users in their training by making new workout add-ons that help the user get into shape while tracking progress.

“I am an active person so I loved the idea of tracking my fitness goals and activities. Also, I love the sleep tracking feature so that’s why I wanted it,” said Sydney Bennett, sophomore exercise science major.

“It helps improve my overall fitness on a day-to-day basis by giving me reminders to walk, fitness goals to make and even helps me sleep more.”

Another type of popular smart watch is the Samsung Gear Series with 4G.

“I own the Samsung Gear S2 smart watch. The main reason for having my smart watch is the counting of my steps because it encourages me to move more and other things, such as forwarding my messages, emails and notifications,” said Dr. Nathan Lewis, professor of psychology.

Smart watches have affected daily lifestyles to stay connected or help with daily health.

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