New real estate concentration features internship with brokerage

California Baptist University added a real estate concentration to its business program that features three courses and an internship.

The real estate concentration is meant to assist students in becoming real estate agents and offer hands-on experience at Keller Williams, the largest real estate brokerage in the country.

The real estate program began from Dr. Keanon Alderson, director of the Business Administration Program and associate professor of business, who said he felt a desire to bring real estate to CBU. Students will delve directly into a real estate brokerage.

“They’re going to go to every department of the real estate brokerage and see exactly what they do,” Alderson said. “We have two opportunities. One is an internship that lasts all semester long, and then the other one is the 10-15 hours of
field work.”

Uniting both academic theory and real-world experience is the best scenario for students interested in moving into the field of real estate.

Marian Benton, owner of Keller Williams Realty in Riverside, Norco and Temecula locations, highlights the importance of the program.

“When you can marry an academic environment with hands-on work in a real-estate environment, you’ve got the best of both worlds,” she said.

Rick Barnes, director of productivity of Keller Williams, assures students will participate in more than arbitrary internship “tasks.”

“While they’re in the office, the idea is to not have them make coffee,” Barnes said. “The idea is we want them to feel like they are already licensed, they are already producing, and they are already at work.”

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