Ontario AMC Theater renovates

The AMC Theater located in the Ontario Mills Mall is adding meal service and reclining seats to its building’s 30-theater complex.

AMC has said the renovations should be completed by spring. Despite the construction, the majority of the theaters are still open.

The menu will feature American favorites while also branching out to sushi and desserts. The reclining seats will have a service button for guests to call for assistance.

“It’s a great decision to add upgrades to the theaters,” said Ashley Costelow, junior marketing major. “It makes the environment a lot nicer and more enjoyable.”

Zach Chapman, senior business administration major, recommends that the theater focus on its prices rather than the updates.

Theaters continue their battle with home entertainment by doing all they can to make guests as comfortable as possible. With a warm dinner in their laps and popcorn in their hands, guests may find it difficult to complain.

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