Go Fund helps break down missionary college debt

Luke Womack, California Baptist Univesity alumnus, is using his passion for ministry in his nonprofit, The Go Fund, which enables graduates to head right into the mission field by helping pay their student loans.

One problem missionaries face is being held back by college debt. While many have a calling to be mobilized overseas, monthly student loan payments make it seem impossible. Womack saw this as an opportunity to free missionaries from their debt so they could spread the gospel to other nations.

“Our mission is to enable college graduates to make disciples of Jesus among the unreached,” Womack said. “To play a critical role in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We want to see every single people group on the planet reached so they might have access to the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Brian Zunigha, director of Discipleship Ministries at CBU and a board member of The Go Fund, has been able to apply his experience in mobilizing missionaries and overseeing training in his church and provides insight on connecting with agencies and strengthening the agency’s partnerships with churches.

“This (organization) has allowed people to go overseas who are prepared and ready to go from every aspect,” Zunigha said. “The only thing holding them back is student loans. We are excited to see the rapid spread of the gospel through laborers who are freed of this specific financial burden.”

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