July 25, 2024

Depleted batteries can be frustrating for smartphone users but there are some simple steps to help defeat the need to use a charger throughout the day.

Smartphones are our most frequently used computing devices so it is important they have enough battery for the day.

Dr. Michael Kolta, assistant professor of computing, software and data sciences, said adopting battery-saving habits will affect both daily and longterm battery use.

“Anything that you do to prolong temporary battery life will prolong longterm battery life too,” Kolta said.

Kolta emphasized the importance of turning off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when these features are not needed. This helps battery life because a smartphone is continuously expending energy while look- ing for connectivity if these components are turned on.

iPhones also have a Low-Power Mode which disables some features and lowers screen brightness. This is another option of which one can take advantage to extend battery life.

Android also features an advanced power saving setting called Ultra-Power Saving ode. It disables more features but extends battery further than Low-Power Mode.

Another tip that helps overall battery health is to not charge one’s phone excessively or to frequently drain the battery until it dies, then bring it back to a full charge. Any phone battery is only good for a set number of charging cycles so the user should reduce the number of times he or she

plugs in his or her phone. Noah Jackowitz, senior mechanical engineering major, said it is harmful to charge a phone overnight.

“Battery life is determined by charging cycles,” Jackowitz said. “If you leave your phone plugged in, the battery will charge to 100 percent, then drop to 99 percent and rack up 10 charging cycles just to be at 100 percent.”

Both Jackowitz and Kolta also stressed keeping screen brightness turned down as well as using headphones instead of the phone’s speakers as great ways to reduce power consumption.

Putting a phone on Airplane Mode will stop any signals and data gathering, making the battery last up to a few days. Do Not Disturb does not turn on the screen to alert users of notifications, which will also increase battery life.

Chris Carillo, senior software engineering major, recommends using Night Mode on iPhones.

“I tend to leave it on the Night Mode,” Carillo said. “I find that it tends to (improve battery life) and is also better on the eyes.”

Through making a few small changes, smartphone batteries can last longer than a few hours and reduce the need to be replaced.

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