June 19, 2024

Virtual Reality headsets had become a major trend in 2017. Now Google and Lenovo have partnered up to develop the next new and improved virtual-reality headset.

Most of the headsets that have been released have required the user to have a smartphone compatible with the headset for it to work.

Google and Lenovo wanted to change that and came out with Mirage Solo and Mirage Camera.

This headset does not require any other device for users to have a  VR experience.

“A headset shouldn’t get in the way of VR, and Mirage Solo was designed to be comfortable that you’d forget you had it on,” Lenovo stated on its official site, “Expertly weight-balanced coated with breathable, thick padding and adjustable for your precise measurements.”

Mirage Solo includes the headset with a controller to help the user navigate through the virtual world. Mirage Solo has a 4GB of Ram in the actual device but has a slot for a 64GB microSD card.

Google and Lenovo wanted to make something that did not require their users to be hooked to any cables limiting their movements.

“Powered by WorldSense, a new technology created by Google that understands your movement in space without the need of external sensors, Mirage Solo allows you free range of motion,” Lenovo stated.

Users are now able to be immersed in the virtual reality world where anything is possible. Google and Lenovo encourage users to move around, to be able to dodge or jump virtual obstacles that might be in the way. Lenvov stated,  “Netflix and binge” will be another level of experience.

“VR creates an impressive immersion experience that brings games and visual experiences to life in new ways never seen before,” said John Kerchner, senior design major. “With the improved sensors, built-in processor and competitive price, this headset may open up VR to more people and provide designers with better tools to create more immersive experiences.

“However, as VR is still a fledgling technology, we must be cautious as to how this headset affects the user and the way that this technology could make us even more isolated and disconnected from the real people and world around us.”

Lenovo and Google plans on releasing this VR headset this spring and hopes that their users get the best experience from the virtual reality.

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