February 21, 2024

With the arrival of new Apple products such as the iPhone SE and the smaller iPad Pro, released March 31, Apple and tech-lovers are anxiously awaiting the new experience on already-loved devices.

The launch of the newest installment of iPhones, the iPhone SE, is available with a 4-inch screen. Apple is bringing back the 4-inch display size, which was the exact size of previous generations, such as the iPhone 5 and 5S.

The iPhone SE includes features such as the 12-megapixel camera, Touch ID and the A9 chip that allows the phone to be faster and more responsive. Apple has also created the iPad Pro, available in a smaller 9.7-inch size, which allows further versatility.

Retina display, high-quality audio and faster speed are available in the smaller iPad.

“Apple is almost reverting back to the old days by making things smaller,” said Ciara Sitjar, junior psychology major.

These smaller devices allow people to work, communicate and travel without carrying large phones or laptops.

“The iPhone 6S is almost too big for me,” said Nina-Sophia Stowe, freshman English major. “I prefer a smaller phone, so I can keep it in my pocket.”

Overall, Apples’ new additions will allow people to continue to do what they have always loved, in better ways than ever before.

“(The) iPhone SE takes a beloved iPhone design and reinvents it from the inside out,” said a representative from Apple in a press release. “(The) iPad Pro is a new generation of iPad that is indispensable and immersive, enabling people to be more productive and more creative.”

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