April 20, 2024

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HOLI Festival 2016

The International Center at California Baptist University, in conjunction with Community Life and the Associated Students of California Baptist University, hosted the annual Festival of Colors March 22.

Those who attended the event were treated to food, events and giveaways.

Events included students leading Bollywood-style dances, as well as professionals performing. ASCBU gave away 500 T-shirts and a wireless speaker.

Following the pre-show, participants threw bags filled with colored powder, which made for a colorful evening.

The Festival of Colors at CBU dates back four years and Marie King, graduate assistant for the International Center, said the festival is part of a celebration known as Holi, a holiday in India that celebrates the start of a new spring season.

“We see a lot of value in celebrating the culture on campus and part of that is achieved through an event like this that the whole campus community can be apart of,” King said.

Rachel Wong, sophomore communication disorders major, said like the colors she saw, the memories from the night will last forever.

“There were a lot of colors, dance parties galore and chai,” Wong said. “We (will) be blowing purple and grey snot for the next few days.”

Ryan Fuller, sophomore biology pre-med major, said having attended the festival last year, he already knew what to expect from the night, but said it exceeded his expectations.

“This has been my favorite event from last year and this year and I was stoked to do it again,” Fuller said.

Daphne Kieling, junior international studies major and resident adviser for the Office of Residence Life’s Global Village, not only participated in the event, but worked at the Global Village booth for the night.

“It’s really cool that we are able to make this tradition so close to what (Indians) are used to,” Kieling said. “They were all really excited throwing color at me and telling me ‘Welcome to the Indian family.’”

Harshbari Brahmbhatt, graduate student in kinesiology and native of India, participated both in the Bollywood dance portion of the night as well as the throwing of colors. She said she felt like she was back at home and loved being part of the events.

“It’s like home here for me,” Brahmbhatt said. “I don’t miss India right now.”

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