May 27, 2023

Many rumors have been swirling about iOS 8, which is due to be released sometime this fall. The update, named Yosemite, will affect Macs and iDevices, and adds many features to make your devices more user-friendly.

The new update will offer ways to tether devices that have never been offered before, according to It allows the user to start a task on one device, and pick it back up on another device with ease. It also allows a user to place a phone call on a Mac or iPad using the iPhone as a relay. On the same note, it allows users to send and receive text messages on any iDevice, instead of only iPhones.

Users will be able to make better use of notifications, as well. When a user receives an alert for a message, instead of closing the app and opening messages, the user can instead reply inside the notification.

Sick of group messages? The new update allows you to manage, and yes, leave, group messages at any time. It can

better understand voice messages, and allows you to send video. It has also updated the keyboard to better ensure the correct text being conveyed.

Updates to the camera have also been made, allowing users to capture time lapse videos, as well and having a timer.

Photos can also be accessed from any tethered device without downloading.

On top of all these changes, updates to the iCloud have been made, making it seem more similar to Dropbox.

Henry Kuhn, senior communication studies major, was one of the lucky few to test out Yosemite on his Macbook.

“I like the updates to the aesthetics of my Mac; it looks more like my other Apple products now. The updates to the iCloud are awesome, making it seem more like file storage instead of data. They updated the search feature as well, which is probably my favorite part,” Kuhn said.

The iPhone comes equipped with a new health app and many more changes that have yet to be discovered.

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